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    • MrXLink

      Got questions about our currently closed beta? Have a look!   09/22/16

      For more information on the beta, why you can't play it yet, and what kind of bugs cause this, @Kiwi made a good thread. Have a look over here:   Also be sure to read the FAQ for more information about the project as a whole and some questions you will very likely have about us:  
    • InsaneHawk

      Donations are back !   01/17/17

      If you want more information, you can go check this topic : http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/2790-donations-are-back/


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  1. Clearing up Open Beta plans

    Just a small update; Although currently the Open Beta plan will stay as it is currently known as (AKA access through contests, later on signing up), we have decided that there will in fact be an "actual" open beta at a late stage of development. It will be done when we're nearly ready for release, when stresstesting is the main focus of development and most bugs have been fixed. In the meantime, we will still continue the project and beta terminology and plans as known before, including signups in the not-so-distant future. Additionally, during the occasional stream (schedule will still be as variable as it currently is), we reserve the right to give away beta access, so for those who aren't already in there yet, keep an eye on your Twitch as well. 
  2. Clearing up Open Beta plans

    We've established how it works a long while ago. I agree that the name is a bit off, but it is explained clearly in the FAQ how this works. We've discussed this a number of times and we're sticking to what we've called it from the start to prevent even more confusion. We call it open, because everyone is able to sign up. We call it beta because of the current state of the game. Due to the nature of this project, a "regular" open beta stage seems quite obsolete considering the game itself is in a finished state, and what we are working on influences server stability. In order to get an idea of progression in stages (which honestly is what most people assume development stages are anyway), we call it open beta as anyone can sign up to join. TL;DR: Yes, we know, we have our reasons, sorry it's unconventional, it'll stay this way.
  3. Clearing up Open Beta plans

    Read the FAQ thoroughly.   
  4. Logo Winner: Poll

    Topic has been reopened as the conflict has seemingly been resolved. Please stick to the forum rules and have a nice, appropriate and on-topic discussion everyone. /opened.
  5. Logo Winner: Poll

    /closed due to severe rule-breaking and conflict

    As stated in the FAQ, we're refraining from making separate channels for different languages to keep the forums together as a whole. Therefore we're not going to open French channels, forums, etc. /closed
  7. We can't make ads for EA products that we don't own. A self-made logo, however... that could be a marketing possibility.
  8. Searching artwork files...

    The second artwork is the ability icon for Twilight Hag's "Femme Fatale" ability The more you know PS: Isn't she beautiful
  9. A burning desire to get on the Closed beta testing

    I'm sorry but the forum rules state you are not allowed to use any other language than English. For the procedure regarding closed beta testing, you can check the FAQ. I'll add some links below. After that I sadly have to close this thread.     
  10. I feel like things might go wrong...

    I have given my opinion and final decision about this in another thread very extensively before.   TL;DR (seems you need it): We're not going to do this or give people any option to obtain all cards, log in to a separate server or create a separate league. Please read the thread anyway, there's a lot of stuff in there you might want to read up upon. And with that I would like to end the discussion on your idea.
  11. I feel like things might go wrong...

    First of all, thanks for your input, we always appreciate feedback. Sadly we cannot allow any payments to be made to allow in-game content to be bought. Your concern mainly seems to come down to a fear of too much grinding for new players. There is some good news regarding this: While we can't actually allow people to pay for this game, we CAN alter the pace of grinding, simply by manipulating BFP acquirement and more importantly, booster prices. This is all can be changed very easily and QA will allow us to find a good balance between grinding and enjoying your playtime. This is currently the only tool we have to do this but we will use it in order to make both people who want to dive into the game rather quickly again, as well as people enjoying progression, happy to play Skylords Reborn. So that is what we'll do and we'll try our best to test it thoroughly.
  12. BFReborn Card Creation Tool

    Hey @plipse990 This is actually already in production by @Avire and me, it is just taking some time
  13. Happy Birthday to our most beloved Dragon MrsXLink! <3

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    2. Aleksay


      @ThomasMann Yes i can confirm that dragons do nibble on watermelons! And happy birthday link! ^_^

    3. BionicReaper


      Best dragon is Skylords Reborn Staff Dragon, in other words....... Happy birthday MrXlink, da best dragon :D:watermelon: Here have a cake: :ladadoos:

    4. MrXLink


      Thanks a lot skylords and skyladies for your kind words, it means a lot to me. A year older, a year wiser, and this scaly thing/dwagin is more than happy to protect the project and forums for a while longer ;) 

      Thanks for all the bday wishes, on to the next year ^_^ 

  14. como eu posso joga esse jogo


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      Please, keep it english, so everyone can understand you.

    2. MrXLink


      You can't play the game yet, please read the FAQ for more information. 


    3. anonyme0273


      And the forum rules as well, if you are at it



  15. [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    7/10 - That was surprisingly nice. The vocals in the end sort of ruined it for me though, so that's why it's not higher. Was quite nice without the vocals, should've left it that way.   Not expecting high ratings for this one but darn have I been listening to this a lot lately.