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      Got questions about our currently closed beta? Have a look!   09/22/16

      For more information on the beta, why you can't play it yet, and what kind of bugs cause this, @Kiwi made a good thread. Have a look over here:   Also be sure to read the FAQ for more information about the project as a whole and some questions you will very likely have about us:  
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      Donations are back !   01/17/17

      If you want more information, you can go check this topic : http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/2790-donations-are-back/

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  3. Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    If you are curious about other ppls thoughts on the matter, please read the Forum thread "removing Upgrade System from PvP" since that´s basicly your suggestion.
  4. Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    Ok, seems I've been a little misunderstood, I am well aware of the limits of any money changing hands in the game and am firmly against it, as I've stated a few times on here (I've been criticised for being too defensive of this rule in the past) and I'd like to keep the game as risk free as possible. The point I was making there is that there are lots of different types of gamers, none of whom want to feel like they're being disadvantaged, and that while you can link to threads where people want to grind their pvp decks, there are at least as many who want to jump in on a level playing field rather than be way behind the curve 2 weeks in. What I'm suggesting, instead of "well I like it this way, and so do these people, so it should be this way" is an option that may make more people happy than some other options and one that I have seen and experienced as being a successful model. I loved the PvE, so if I'm doomed to be automatically outclassed in PvP I'll just not play that and stick to the part of the game that will stay fun for me. Of course, I know that I'm generalising, and that the proposal isn't simple to implement, and that there will still be unhappy people, so if the devs don't believe it to be worthwhile then so be it, I trust that they want the best for the project and the game, just like I do.
  5. Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    "you can´t please everyone" yeah, that´s true. I also agree with the general way you compared PvP and PvE players. The problem with all cards being at max in pvp is following : It´d either keep the charge system like it was to, and you´d have to upgrade cards to get charges anyways (and tbh, charges>Upgrades most of the time), OR charges would also be free for PvP, which imo would just be insane as that wouldn´t only influence PvP but also PvE due to the influence it´d have on the market. But to quote Fiki   from the "Removing Upgrade System from PvP" thread I linked (page 4 first post):  "We're not removing any core game features at this point."  
  6. Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    I think you didn't get Archeon's point at all... he just stated "aged" players (at least the ones with a work and a familiy) haven't time to play ton of hours to get stuff needed to be competitive in PVP. And basically there wouldn't be any need to do it, because any PVP players would agreee to have all cards upgraded to lvl 3 when doing PVP. So, treating PVP and PVE differently would be the best way to satisfay both kind of players and get more players involved in each type of game However all major stuff has already been developed and throws this change in game, before release, could be simply impossible....
  7. Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    I am sure its stated a million times already, but once again: You !CAN NOT! earn any in game advantages with real money!!! Not even when you pay a ridiculous high price or get something really small... When any of this happens, EA will most likely shut down the project immediately. Which would mean you payed a few hundred euro's to play the game for a really short time, and ruïne it for everyone...
  8. Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    First up, I'm someone who now has far less time and far more money than I did when I originally played BF, so I'm as against play2win, letting folks with no jobs or family grind 20 hours a day to get upgrade3 charge3 decks in the first week as they are against me spending a few hundred to buy it all. I guess the short answer is you can't please everyone, we all want to have things the way that best affects them, but I'm really believe that this is one of the best options. Think about it itthpugh, the main points of contention are fairly linked, people who want progression are generally PvE players, those who want it all off the bat mostly PvP (not a slur, just the way the 2 game modes generally work). Therefore I agree with the OP somewhat, though I'd be inclined to take it the other way and make all cards in PvP automatically be lvl3. This is along the lines of Guild Wars (the first one) where everyone in PvP had max level gear, but had to unlock the skills they want to use. And GW1 is probably the best PvP experience I ever had, it really did come down to who was the best player, no other factors. A big part of why I never played PvP in BF was that I never had a deck lvl higher than 100 or so, which probably Would've been good enough but I knew it put me at a disadvatage. If we had to grind to earn the BFP to unlock cards but then had them at the same level as everyone else, that would probably encourage more players.
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  10. Free Week-End Overwatch

    @Ultrakool I've sent you a request on Battle.net
  11. League of Legends Ranked Team

    gor1lla i think
  12. I still want Battleforge back but...

    Halo wars RTS is so old  but it seems cool, however halo isn't for pc 
  13. Hearthstone Tournament 21-22 January 2017

    Becouse of not enough people, tournament got deleted and it won't happend. Congratulations to: @Dallarian @Killhakan @ryolo4ever @Anonymos for getting first place in december tournament! Quadra draw! gg wp
  14. I still want Battleforge back but...

    Oh ...well
  15. Hearthstone Tournament 21-22 January 2017

    Blackboard: x    1    2    3    4 1    y    x    x    x 2    x    y    x    x 3    x    x    y    x 4    x    x    x    y 1. Dallarian#21523 (Dallarian) 2. tyranosauros#2642 (Killhakan) 3. fabiosilva#2415 (ryolo4ever) 4. Ekko#2764 (Anonymos) Rounds: Round 1: 1vs2, 3vs4 Round 2: 1vs3, 2vs4 Round 3: 1vs4, 2vs3 gl hf everyone
  16. I still want Battleforge back but...

    Too bad, you will never get to try it then    
  17. I still want Battleforge back but...

    Looks interesting, I never liked this universe but looks good I'll give a shot if it's free to play.
  18. League of Legends Ranked Team

    What is your ingame Name ? ^^
  19. I still want Battleforge back but...

    Science Fiction Battleforge? Looks very dynamic. Not many cards, so it is probably easy to learn whole game. But Battleforge still better ♥
  20. Halo Wars 2 has pretty much taken the RTS/TCG idea and implemented it as a mode in their game... Of course it doesnt give me that Battleforge feel but I guess it will have to tide me over until the devs got this game up and running for everyone     Just thought I'd spread the news since the game is in open beta and I am sure a lot of other people are just itching for something as close to BF as they can get. (I really dont like the whole "Hand" system they have and that you need to cycle through cards versus having all 20 cards ready to go in Battleforge)   (Here is some gameplay of me playing it with my GF  )
  21. League of Legends Ranked Team

    yey got placed in wood 3
  22. League of Legends Ranked Team

    BFR Forumname                  LoL name                     role/Lane                   region                  comments Marco3104                         Marco3104                   Top                           EUW
  23. On my mind is BattleForge,, pretty much 24 hours a day ;) since I discovered this project

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    2. Kiwi


      @Rakkhot What do you think of then? :P

    3. Rakkhot


      @Kiwi I actually think of something tropical, not necessarily the fruit, it could be some tropical bird or something like that ;)

    4. Kiwi


      @Rakkhot Well I am an animal lover and I do love Kiwi birds I also like the fruit ;)

  24. Current Proposal: Rewards

    This discussion has happened before, I think. It basically comes down to the fact that the Skylords Reborn team has to make a decision, and whatever they will decide; there wil always be people who do not agree or are not happy. The difficult part for the SR team, though, is to find a balance in the two obvious solutions (grinding everything, like Shotty wants, or getting things quickly, like Rakkhot would like). And the decision making will be partially influenced by the general opinion of the community, so it is good that people, like you two, are letting them know how you think about it!
  25. Current Proposal: Rewards

     And as I have seen in your links, I'm not the only one who doesn't like the idea of having to start at nothing. As I said in my first post, it's not a demand, I just wanted throw in my opinion while I still could. And I liked the social aspect too, just in another way, more precisely while in a coop game, and it was always much more relaxed when ppl were playing who didn't need the reward, so the teamplay was normally much more fun with a team who wasn't going at eatch other for every mistake or misstep.   Another thing I'm worried about is that EA pulls another fast one on us and I don't want to loose any time grinding because every day could be the last.
  26. Current Proposal: Rewards

    The thing is: This game for me and many others is HEVAILY based around the social aspect, I mean, I don´t get daily onto the Forum to see if there are any news, if I just wanted that, I would go and log on here weekly. I already get on here daily because of the community, and I doubt that I´m the only one who thinks that way.
  27. Current Proposal: Rewards

    First, I can't find out how to delete the links inside the qutoe so, sorry for them being there.   So now to the answer, thank you for replying, I'm gonna look through the links. But a short answer I can already give you, I'm no social person, I find most social interactions exhausting, so I don't like trading. In the old game I bought most of my cards with real money (around 2000 to 3000 bucks at that time) because I had much more fun when I didn't have to think about getting cards and could just play what I wanted and how I wanted. That's also the thing BF always stood for in my mind, a big sandbox where I could do what every person who has ever liked a card gathering game always wanted to do, see your cards come to life. I know and understand that there are many ppl out there who need something to accomplish, but I don't need that, for me it's more of a hassle instead of fun gameplay.
  28. Current Proposal: Rewards

      Well, while the topics I am gonna link dont cover the same exact topic, but a pretty similar idea, I hope they will provide some insight. (Inside those topics I even linked more topics) Don´t forget, this is gonna be a 100% free only TCG if everyone had access to all cards, or well, pretty easy access to all of them, wouldn´t the Social aspect.... partially die? Idk about you but alot of the fun encounters I had while playing BF where with ppl who I traded with. I´m one of those ppl who´d grindout the entire thing without any second thoughts, simply because it´s fun to me, if the game itself wasn´t fun enough for me to unlock more cards, I wouldn´t even bother with it.          
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